Northern Gold Foods
The Breakfast Company Northern Gold Foods Ltd. is a well established leading manufacturer of a wide range of healthy and great tasting breakfast and snack products, along with custom developed private label products and industrial ingredients.

We manufacture a wide assortment of granola and ready to eat cereals marketed in the United States and Canada under our Northern Gold and Spencer's brand, along with a variety of private label programs. We are actively developing our industrial ingredient sector, with a wide assortment of protein based crisps and other nutritional bases for the emerging nutrient dense product trends.

Northern Gold is committed to providing you consistent product quality that delivers both Great Taste and Great Value.

Junction City Oregon Construction

Northern Gold's new facility in Junction City Oregon is nearing the end of phase-one construction! We'll be starting operations there in the spring and summer of 2019.

We're looking for qualified candidates in a number of roles at this manufacturing site including such as Food Production Operators, Quality Assurance Technicians, and Maintenance Technicians.

See our current List of open positions for more information.

Featuring Northern Gold Muesli!
Northern Gold Muesli is a tasty combination of whole grain flakes, fruits, nuts and seeds. We use premium quality 100% non-hydrogenated oil to keep this wholesome blend low in saturated fat and trans fat free.

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